Holistic Mental Health continues to conduct video therapy sessions on Wednesday. In person sessions are conducted on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please download the TeleHealth app (if you are using your phone), click on the link for your appointment and we will see each other through this HIPPA protected app. No app is necessary for computer video therapy sessions.



Welcome to my site!

It is no coincidence that you have wandered on to this site. Your interest in outpatient therapy and/or reiki treatment suggests you are ready to make changes to improve your quality of life. We meet clients from all walks of life and the typical reasons for which they decide to work with us are for: depression, anxiety, or trauma that is manifested via difficulties in marriage, work-life balance, parenting, pain management and transitioning into young adulthood. Our warm and collaborative approach to work through your challenging experience will support your motivation and commitment to change through therapy or energy medicine (reiki). We look forward to working with you. Click on the link below to schedule an online appointment.