Diagnostic Evaluations

This is a 55 minute initial session to gather information about your personal history: basic demographics, educational level, family history, work history, medical history, psychiatric history, your presenting problem and the reason that prompted you to seek therapy. I will also conduct a mental status exam. A mental status exam is standard practice for all clinicians and consists of evaluating how the client is coping in this moment in time.  All this data is then used to determine if the client meets criteria for a clinical mental health diagnosis, which is necessary to bill your mental health insurance,  and separately determines the type of treatment plan developed by the clinician. Most clinicians are aware that it takes time to build rapport therefor it may take two or three sessions before a solid plan is designed with goals for therapy. When the assessment portion is completed then feedback is provided to the client and the possible goals are discussed with the client. A good clinician should always incorporate your personal goals for therapy. After all you are the client and the clinician technically works for you.

Rate: $240/ 55 min session