Therapeutic Groups for Siblings of Children with Cancer

Who: Siblings of children with cancer (ages 7-9)
What: A 4 session group for children with siblings with cancer.
When: 1.5 hours per week.
Where: Max Love Project.
Why: Growing up can be hard, complicate this with chronic health concerns experienced by a family member and childhood can be even more stressful. This therapy group is targeted for children experiencing grief and adjustment to a sibling with cancer. Come meet other similar aged peers dealing with similar issues. Have a sense of community and learn ways to live a positive and resilient life!

Objectives for child:
– Meet other similar aged peers dealing with siblings with cancer.
– Understanding your sibling’s story and help cope with how this new experience is affecting your family.
– Learn effective ways to cope with daily stressors experienced in school, friends, and family.
– Learn how to label your feelings and understand what is behind your feelings (i.e., fear,anger, despair, depression, anxiety, confusion, discomfort, shame or grief)
– Learn ways to identify your coping style and find helpful ways to target your coping style.

Therapeutic Goal: I will observe children through the group and evaluate who may benefit
from additional intervention (e.g., family and/or individual therapy). I will provide feedback
to parents on how their child responded to group as well as recommendations for future